Artist Call Out


Call for all South African Artists. We invite you to have your say and add your creative voice in October for the Monsanto tribunal and peoples assemblies being held in South Africa – We encourage the creative community of South Africa to embrace their potential for germinating a NU world, by contributing to this public commentary on Monsanto through photography, videography, dance, poetry, music, visual art, performance, interactive, sculpture or art actions.


Art as an action, and artivism (art activism) is a potent tool for justice struggles and resistances. Around the world, we see more people turning from throwing stones to tossing around paint, performing street theater or reclaiming public spaces through street art.

Art can speak volumes – Artists reach people and have great impact, some might not even realise how much. We do and we need and want to see, hear and read your interpretations of the Global crisis and what we need to make it right.
Inbox us with your event or post up a picture or video of your work here or comment on this post, with this hashtag #monsantotribunalSA
so that we can add and share internationally. Art is a powerful tool in creating awareness.
Poetry, film, canvas, sculpture, dance, performance art, photography.



In our interweb world, video and live feeds are made super simple. So use your mobile phone or video device to capture something you want to share with the world around Monsanto and food security. Prepare a short spoken word piece, recite your poem, showcase a local seed bank or farmers market, ask people to share their stories or document the assemblies or live performances being held around the country this October. Once you have uploaded your video, post a link on the Facebook group, add our hashtag #monsantotribunalSA and join the community of creatives caring for our world.

Some Projects from around the world as inspiration:



Art as an Action

Art sometimes transcends the boundary of imagination and becomes a very physical event. See here the art action performed in Paris last year, raising awareness over farmer suicides in India (related to Monsanto and the industrial agri-complex at large)




Considered one of the Universal Languages, musicians can get involved in this  Monsanto Tribunal by making a song, uploading a beat for others to collaborate on, or by attending one of the South African events and performing.

Create a song, bust out a tune that captures the moment, or sketch out a vision for the world you want to live in. Just remember to add the hashtags so we can find, share and archive your art.

Further, as an agent of vibration and transformation, we encourage musicians to read more and educate themselves on the issues our society faces, and find fresh ways to use our skills to manufacture and design a future world worth passing on to our kids.



The word is strong in Africa, and poets form an integral element of any creative scene in our towns and cities. Poets can submit either written forms, videos or soundfiles (soundcloud for example), or email


Theater and Direct Action


Art work by one of our South African youth – Is this what they have to look forward to? Not if we can help it.