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10 October, 2016

SOUTH AFRICANS RISE IN SUPPORT of the Monsanto Tribunal – crimes against humanity, human rights violations and ecocide

Over the Weekend of 14 – 16 October, South Africans will be joining their voices in a call against Agro chemical Giant Monsanto and others like them, in support of the international Tribunal in the Hague.

With organic markets, seed swaps, garden project initiatives, celebrating organic farmers, talks by doctors in the field, environmental lawyers, practicing permaculture implementers, environmental activists, parents, teachers, farmers, farm workers who have either been drastically effected, seen the effects of or who are working on the solutions to the problems which these agro chemical companies have caused in our country.

The following areas will be holding peoples assemblies as one voice for South Africans who are in want and need of drastic change in our environment, health and food system

Johannesburg –
Port Elizabeth –
Durban –
Mitchells Plain –
Butterworth –
Cofimvaba –

“Public trial of Monsanto for ecocide and violation of farmers rights at the Monsanto Tribunal and the People’s Assembly in the Hague

Navdanya, the organization founded and led by Vandana Shiva, is co organizing, along with multiple civil society organizations, the Monsanto Tribunal and People’s Assembly to take place at The Hague from 14 to 16 October 2016. The Monsanto Tribunal will hold Monsanto accountable for their crimes against humanity, human rights violations and ecocide, in tandem with the People’s Assembly, a gathering of leading movements and activists working to defend our ecosystem and food sovereignty, to lay out the effects of industrial agrochemicals on our lives, our soils, our atmosphere and climate. Over 800 organizations from around the world are supporting and participating in this process while over 100 people’s assemblies and tribunals are being held across the world.

In the last century, giant agribusiness interests which came out of the war industry, have poisoned life and our ecosystem, are destroying our biodiversity and the lives of small farmers, appropriating their land, in an attempt to control and profit from these essentials for life on earth. The risks keep increasing as these multinationals diminish in number as a result of aggressive takeovers and mega-mergers – such is the case with the recent 66 billion Bayer-Monsanto merger. A merger which serves to further extend the control of these multinationals over agricultural and food production systems. There is only one way to translate this process: maximum focus on potential profit, and a minimal concern towards the environment, to the quality of our food, to consumers and to workers in the sector.

Large multinationals are lobbying democratically elected governments to take on neoliberal policies and international ‘free’ trade agreements such a TTIP and TPP: the race towards deregulation is an unprecedented attack on biodiversity and to life itself on Earth. Multinationals like Monsanto have already expanded their control over our seeds, our food and our freedom, depriving us of our basic human rights and our right to democracy. With patents and international property rights (IPRs) as their tools, they have established monopolies and threatened the rights of farmers and consumers.

Participating at the People’s Assembly will be leading representatives of movements and associations, seed custodians, farmers and journalists from all over the world. The aim of the Assembly is to shine the light on crimes against nature and humanity of mega chemical and biotechnological industrial corporations which through patents on seed have opened the doors to the invasion of GMOs. Based on the ecocide and genocide of the past century, the Assembly will lay out the necessary actions for a future based on the rights of small farmers to save and exchange seed, on food sovereignty, on agroecology, the rights of consumers and workers in the sector, on the commons and a sharing economy, as well as on the rights of nature and a true Earth Democracy.”

Resources for journalists

 In Port Elizabeth Specifically – 44 Longwy avenue Lorraine – 12am – 5pm

The first ever Pesticide and GMO Free market will be held in celebration of our organic farmers – including, fresh organic vegetables, homemade GMO and pesticide free breads, treats, healthy lunch, organic seeds and seedlings, indigenous plants, permaculture demo, Organic Coffee from Death by Coffee, Jazz and blues will ease our community into the afternoon, by blues duo Finn Olalla and Rebekah-Breeze Johnson.

The afternoon will be filled with talks in the venue which is private enough to relax and enjoy but still open onto the market for those wanting to drift in and out.

An excellent line up of speakers

12h15 – Rushka Johnson – Welcome – Who is Monsanto; what is ecocide, the tribunal and why should we care?

12.35 – Zim Keye – Food Sovereignty South Africa – What are the real problems?

12h50 – Andrew Mugford – Social Development of the Greater Community in Addo

13h20 – Emma Hay – Herbal Farmer not Big Pharma – Health and nutrition through plants

13h40 – Ricky Stone – The Fight against Transkei Glyphosate Spraying

14h10 – Ami Hawley – How to get involved in a People’s Movement

14h30 – Margo de Kooker – GMOs, Glyphosate and the looming medical crisis

15h10 – Alhyrian Laue – Life in the Soil – why we don’t need Monsanto

15h30 – Gram Jackson – Operation Hunger

15h45 – Tanya Swart – Organic Footprints

16h10 – Sue Hoffman – Bees, Blight and Pesticides

Website specific to South Africa –

Global –

For the first time in history, ECOCIDE has been brought to light as a crime.  It is a significant mark in history and the more awareness that can be created regarding, the more hope we have for the future of our earth and people.



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