With the International Monsanto Tribunal ( and associated People’s Assembly) on the go in The Hague from Ocotber 14 to 16, South Africa joins the global movement to add power and our voices to this landmark occasion.

marcha crowd shot

While the Tribunal has no legal outcomes, it is an important shift of power dynamics, creating the context for corporations to be answerable to People directly, and not through a corrupted judicial system. There will be many local assemblies held around the world during this weekend, and South Africa has its own network of Assemblies and events and ways for people to stay connected and demonstrate their support for a more resilient and just food supply system.

At present we have a few Peoples Assemblies being planned  lined up for cities around the country, and a framework to help citizens focused on action to host their own event. So if you want to join the network, find this on facebook

South Africans are one of the countries that should be speaking up more clearly and directly, since our  staple food is largely GMO. South Africa is also a central player in sub Saharan Africa seed cartels and markets. People gambling every ones else health for the movement of capital.


It is however more complex than that, click HERE to find out more about South Africa and GMOs, and how to get involved in ensuring seed sovereignty.

South Africa is also a BRICS nation as well as a member of the ‘Global South’. The South bears the brunt of the corporate agriculture’s violent nature, and is the site of not only many resistances and transformative narratives,  but also the source for an alternative worldview that sees Nature as a living (above legal) entity. In this way, sharing our stories and adding to the global dialog is even more important in these days of renewal and re-definitions. CLICK HERE to read more about The Rights of Mother Earth and some resistance points defending Nature for All Peoples and All Things.

justice tribunal

In South Africa, you can get involved by attending one of the associate Assemblies, starting your own Assembly, or host/join a satellite event. You can also watch Live Feeds from the Hague, share your tweets and thoughts using our hashtag #tribunalSA  or#monsantotribunalSA along with the official tags. Be moved to action beyond clicking. See HERE for a How To.

Join the movement for a return to more civil and just eating patterns and habits. Move your feet, join a group, by sharing some stuff, adding a comment, creating a movement. Or start your own thing.

We are what we eat, and this Earth is our garden playground SpaceShip….




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