A message from two of the organizers in South Africa – Rushka Johnson and Zim Keye –

A message from 2 of the organizers for SA

Remember that you can create an event as big or small as you wish.

Use the resources that you have around you and get your community involved.

  1. Pick a date – 14,15,16 October (1 or all)
  2. Inbox March Against Monsanto South Africa so they can help you set up an event and support you – (connecting this way is NB, they will in turn make sure that your voices are heard nationally and internationally)
  3. Find a family member or friend to support, back and help you12075055_10153592840106061_2635207879284277930_n
  1. Choose a venue – Remember that you can go as big or small as you wish, ALL HAVE IMPACT – Kitchen table, street corner, church hall, garden, Community park, Shool garden, old age home, art gallery, restuarant, club, university.13419197_10209181500071886_3618946525264158029_n
  2. Read the info document on what the major problems in South Africa are that need to be noticed and discussed and choose the ones that are most applicable to your direct community
  3. Source people from your community that have been affected by these multimillion doller chemical companies and Their GMO’s and ask them to tell their story (remembering that this is the focus of this tribunal) – from farmers, to farm workers, mothers trying to feed their children healthy food on a budget and children who realize that the earth needs looking after, from artists producing works that say something about the current state of our earth and her people to poets, dancers, photographers – ALL, no matter how small or simple are important.13239199_1299463570081290_1380025996607630668_n
  4. Make sure that you have a camera, phone or artist to capture images and stories from the day and remember to post them onto the March Against Monsanto South Africa page quickly, during or soon after the event using the hashtags #monsantotribunal and #monsantotribunalSA
  5. Choose from the following (or create your own) ideas on what you can do and cover on that day

a) Talks, stories, first hand encounters from people affected – document via writing, video, audio and share with us (NB)

b) Organic Seed Swap РA speaker on the GMO seed crisis, patenting of seeds and what the impacts are and the importance of saving and investing in and starting a seed bank in the form of swapping, collecting and seed library, organic farmer, permaculture 

c) Organic fruit and veg market, seedlings, organic produce (this will provide a platform to source and support local  healthy small scale farmers and provide food for the day13307429_1302058949821752_6638143902878806132_n

d) Art exhibition, poetry, dance, performance art, videography, photography, sculpture – art speaks volumes and can reach people on a deeper level (more information here)12346603_10153701008316061_8916940989228535606_n

e) video showcase – there are some wonderful movies online that you can choose from to showcase

f) plant a garden for a school or community, or permablitz (go in and put together a structure, garden, rain tank, grey water system, dam etc for a fellow farmer or community)12038457_10153596153951061_1887176568659848428_n

g) cooking demo – using organic local, South African grown food – can be out in a garden or even a fancy dinner party

9. Gather the excess and give share Рwhile creating awareness 10525773_776160682426677_2796196215850705319_n

Remember to create solutions as well as address the problems


One thought on “How to hold your own peoples assembly

  1. Very honored to be a part of positive change in our beautiful South Africa and planet – Peoples eyes are opening and realising that we don’t need these Chemical corporations to “feed” our hungry – they are just feeding their pockets – Only our communities and fellow humans truly care about their environment and eachother and only they can turn things around. Power to the People – We don’t need or want you Monsanto (and the likes of) – It’s time you leave our Africa.

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